We help you grow in times of change

Change is the challenge of our time. Therefore, our work supports people and organizations to develop in change.

What do we offer you?

The exponential technological development not only changes business models, but also fundamentally demands new capabilities from us. Nowadays, the ability to change fast, to deal with complexity, to lead and decide under uncertainty promise success. Tomorrow, new skills grant the competitive edge: Integrating virtual reality into your business model, working in dynamic networks and thinking visionary in a world full of fast-moving opportunities and risks. Therefore, our work focuses on people in organizations in transition.

Leadership and Team Development
Performance Improvement

Leadership and Team Development

We'll make sure with you, that the future-relevant skills in your organisation are promoted.

  • 1. Leadership development
  • 2. Team building and performance
  • 3. Training strategy

Project example

Through your reorganisation, your management team will be confronted with new strategic priorities, roles and responsibilities. We support you in:

  • Analyzing the required competences for your reorganization to work
  • Defining your behavior-based competence model
  • Designing your leadership development strategy
  • Leading experiential trainings, workshops, and executive coachings

Performance Improvement

Together with our clients we unlock profitability by addressing all the elements of profit levers:

  • 1. Strategy development
  • 2. Business model development and optimization
  • 3. Organizational and process development

Project example

You want to increase the profitability of your company sustainably. We support you in:

  • Identifying revenue and cost potentials
  • Adjusting services and the entire product portfolio
  • Optimize advisory and settlement processes through standardization and automation
  • Adjust KPIs and customer pricing
  • Implement new governance and organizational structures

Transition Management

Together we develop the agile organizational culture, to remain competitive during change.

  • 1. Change management
  • 2. Culture change
  • 3. Competence model of the future

Project example

You implement the harmonized IT infrastructure and thus introduce cloud-based mobile work. We support you in:

  • Designing your change management strategy to mobilize your employees in different locations
  • Implementing communicative interventions
  • Designing and executing your training strategy (including physical and virtual trainings)
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the interventions and hand-over to operations

In the future, the success of an individual will depend on how well he or she can manage continuous change.

Who is mintminds?

mintminds is a consultancy focused on a people in changing organizations in an ever-changing world. We are committed to three principles:

  • People are at the heart of our work.

  • We work with experienced experts in both project design and implementation.

  • Our comprehensive portfolio of methods and tools allows us to serve your needs holistically.

How are we positioned?

We integrate technical and methodical knowledge as well as longstanding experience to co-create sustainable solutions with our clients.

Methodical knowledge and experience in project and change management


Subject-specific knowledge and experience

Industry Experts

Technical knowledge and experience

Implementation Partners

Institutionalized knowledge and experience

Tools & Methods

«mintminds» consists of experienced project and change managers from different industries. Together, they focus on three transformation levels: individuals, team and the overall organization.

  • Project and change managers with business and psychological background
  • Projects with focus on organizational design, change and project management
  • Subject-matter expertise provided by internal and external experts

The «Industry Experts» are subject-matter experts in their domain and focus on the technical side of a task. Industry Experts are characterized as follows:

  • Demonstrate proven subject-matter expertise from many years of industry experience in leading companies
  • Lead change projects from a professional and technical perspective
  • Are supported by project and change management resources from «mintminds» and «Implementation Partners»

Would you like to become an «Industry Expert»? Contact us

«Implementation Partners» are in charge of assigned deliverables in the course of a mintminds project. The range of our Implementation Partners covers various specialized IT companies, language translators as well as other specialized and experienced coaches and consultants.

Would you like to become an «Implementation Partner»? Contact us

«Tools & Methods» is our portfolio of expertise, approaches and applications that we expand continuously.

What our customers say

Only while working with Crista’s team I realized how much we neglected our staff in all our previous reorganizations. We have been working with consultants and introduced new technologies – always assuming that a proper project plan and task management will do. And forgot to listen to our colleagues who did not necessarily understand that change. It is only due to the intervention of Crista and her team that we do not try to reach our people through town halls or product trainings, but we listen to them, we discuss resistance and train them to become change leaders. 180 of our colleagues have been trained by Crista’s team and we are very content with the impact.

- HR Head, Dusseldorf

Crista Henggeler supported my team and myself in becoming a leader. Her approach of understanding and verbalizing issues before systemically processing them is impressive. I have never encountered such a young woman with such an effervescent source of ideas and a comparable attitude towards people. Crista enthuses her environment, asks the right questions and is a fantastic listener. She created an atmosphere of trust for me and my team within minutes and quickly reached the right communication style. Even shy and quiet coworkers could open up so we could reach a better mutual understanding in our team. I can recommend Crista to everyone who cares for people and their development. She will inspire you too!

- Team leader, Buchs

Mr. Amara and his team have supported us during the realignment of our bank with the relevant expertise. It is fair to say that we have achieved more change in the past three months than in the past ten years. Our people felt that we are changing in a very positive way!

- CEO-Private Bank, Zurich

Crista Henggeler finds a very fast access to teams through her open, confident and professional presence. She managed in no time to connect people and create a team out of individuals. Her genuine interest in people and her team development expertise from several organizations create an educational and interactive environment. Her analytical and innovative approaches are an enrichment for teams who jointly want to grow and be successful.

- Consultant, Berlin

What fascinates me most about Crista is her versatility –competence-wise as well as her personal flexibility. Her expertise in various areas is convincing (we worked with her on strategic questions and challenging situations with leaders). Through her multi-year experience as coach and her professional experience she covers a broad range of issues where she consults us on. When doing so, she sharply analyses the point of departure and is then clear and concise in her advise. But even more stunning I find her repertoire of behaviors. She is the priceless mixture between being empathetic and clear. On top, she moves smoothly from humorous situations to serious ones and dances with such an lightness through all hierarchic structures. She leaves inspiration and engagement wherever she goes. And we look forward to further collaborating with Crista!

- Board Member, Zürich

I am so very thankful to have met Crista. In all the coaching I have received so far, I had to see things from the view of conceptual tools. With Crista, I saw things based on how I really am, and that starting point made the real difference to me. She has a genuine interest in people, and by creating that trustful environment she allows more valuable self-reflection. She combines this insightful personal analysis with highly professional coaching, and that is so rare. It was a fun and a truly enjoyable experience, and our work together continues to live on, and to support and to help me. I really feel I have improved in many areas. Crista has made a lasting difference to me.

- Project leader, Basel

What strikes me most about Crista is her gift to spread love and happiness wherever she goes. How? By a natural balance of deeply rooted empathy, genuine interest in people and her passion to help others unfolding their true potential. These qualities have undoubtedly taken our global summer school program, in which she acted as business coach for aspiring entrepreneurs, to the next level. Despite the intense schedule of this 5-week program, Crista remained the calm center drawing upon a diverse portfolio of reflection techniques and allowing students to learn both individually and within their teams. In addition, through her own startup and international business work she was well experienced to draw the students’ attention to relevant questions. Eventually, Crista is full of curiosity, making her a keen and dedicated learner herself. We are thankful to benefit from her learnings and work towards integrating them into next year’s curriculum. In short: working with Crista is highly inspirational, constructive and you should be prepared for a learning roller coaster yourself. I cannot wait for our next collaboration.

- ETH education manager, Zurich

Samy repeatedly manages to bring people together and to create a common basis for further cooperation. I see his strengths among other things in the "typical mediator role", which of course requires a good communicative ability and good social skills.

- Member of the Executive Board, Private Bank Vaduz

Samy knows how to build up a personal relationship with his team members that lasts even after hours of work. His management style allowed me to develop to the best of my abilities and take on increasingly demanding tasks.

- Project member (customer side), Vienna



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We are looking forward to the dialogue with you.

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